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  • We help you to be a hero of the work in Germany
  • we mediate not only simply a job, but help you to find your appeal
  • we are personally available, in Slovakia, Czech and in Germany
  • Not the quick mediation success stands in our focus, but your satisfaction
  • We pay attention to the fact that your qualification match the job requirements in the same way, as your personality fits to the company culture
  • We will consider your individual wishes
  • We pay attention to the fact that the regulations pertaining to labour law are kept and they your compensation is according to the wage agreements between employers and trade unions
  • We also go unconventional ways and move innovative estimates
  • We put candidates not in the usual boxes
  • We give us the highest standards of our industry

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our services for you?

  • In the first step we record your personal dates (CV) and your career plans and career wishes and balance them with requirement profiles and job offers
  • We plan, organize and design with you your application, your first contact with the new employer and prepare you for the interview
  • We check whether your language knowledge for the assignment is as required and help you in the arrangement of the necessary documents. We also organise your trip to the interview with our client.
  • From the first contact up to your start of work with we are on your side and support you. Also we can support you in finding a flat and we help with the documents for authorities if requested.
  • We give support in the process for the recognition of your qualification (university, apprenticeship etc.)
  • We guarantee: Our activities within the scope of your application are free of charge and we negotiate with the company the reimbursement of yourtravel expenses in advance.
  • With pleasure, we are availableforfurther informationany tim

Dream jobs for heroes

Occupation as an appeal

Acts what you love and you will never work again.

This known quotation – may be from Konfuzius–describes the ideal image of work for many people. A job that is more than earning only money, a sensible assignment contains and gives pleasure; this is the wish of many employees.

Of course,everyone searches a job. Stupid question. Wrong! The job is important of course, but, nevertheless, still much more decisively it is to find the right company. It´s a misery if you have a great job, but the employer doesn´t fit.

The first view belongs always to the company. Is it a multi-national or a middle-class company? How the hierarchy is structure,howmany departments there, how is the company culture? Is it a young Startup company or a family business steeped in tradition? What fits for me?

„You make career not in the job, but in the right company!“

Your aim becomes our aim!

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Story of heroes

Ďakujem za príjemnú spoluprácu.

Jozef Malik


Vďaka vám som si našla super prácu vo svojom obore.

Renáta Chovancová


Děkuji za novou práci a poradenství.

Šárka Krivá


Ďakujem za vaše služby.

Dávid Antal



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