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About us

Who we are

  • Personalia 24 is an international recruiting agency with his headquarter in Germany
  • We are specified on the German job market and provide skilled workers from Slovakia and Czech, in particular in the bottleneck occupations, but also in other vacant positions
  • Our experienced consultants are in Germany (Bonn) and in Slovakia (Zilina) always accessible
  • We save our customer a lot of time, money and frustrating experiences, while we use our good contacts and specific knowledge for their individual concern
  • On site we aquire the staff and check all qualifications, before we recommend the applicants for a certified position in Germany
  • We measure our success in the satisfaction of our customers - for employee, as well as the employer's side
  • Beside the customer satisfaction quality, an actual and responsible approach as well as ethical and moral principles are the impulse of our action
  • We live the code of conduct of the BAP


  • We aren't a pure job recruiter, because we want to write new hero stories on the German job market
  • In our actions are appeal and satisfaction important success factors
  • We also go unconventional ways and have innovative estimates
  • We pay attention to the fact that the qualification of the applicants match the job requirements in the same way, as the personality of the applicants fits to the company culture
  • We put candidates not in the usual boxes
  • We are personally available, in Slovakia, Czech and in Germany
  • We give us the highest standards of our industry.


Mgr. Beata Teichmann

Mgr. Beata Teichmann

Managing Director and Shareholder

Beside the successful degree as a pedagogue, Mrs. Teichmann has also finished a qualification as a specialist for staff consultation and staff mediation (IHK) with very good success. After ending her study Mrs. Teichmann acted first 10 years as a pedagogue. This work experience has provided her good knowlwdge in the next activities as a HR manager in middle-class and international companies. After her family break she founded with her husband Wolfgang Teichmann the company Personalia 24. She is responsible for the corporate clients and due to the fact of her Slovak origin she supports the other consultants in recruiting applicants from Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Dipl. Bw. Wolfgang Teichmann

Dipl. Bw. Wolfgang Teichmann


Mr. Teichmann hold two Master's certificates in business management and can look back at about 25 year-old work experience in various Management positions in international companies. He got his varied backgrounds in the IT industry, automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, consumer goods industry and tool industry as well as in the consultation and in venture capital business.

His main objectives are the strategy of the company.

Mgr. Anton Daubner

Mgr. Anton Daubner


After a successful university study in educational theory. Mr. Daubner has more than 40 years of work experience as pedagogue and personnel management in public institutions. Over 25 years of them Mr. Daubner acted in leading positions . His professional success was marked by unconventional and innovative concepts. Today Mr. Daubner and his extensive experience guarantees our successful work and is your contact person in Slovakia.


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